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Hello! It's me, a pleasure to have you reading here. My name is Jaume, and here I tell you some things about me,my work and some clients I've collaborated with.

I’m illustrator, graphic designer and animator. I studied applied illustration at the EASD, which stands for School of Arts and Design.
I love to tell stories and develop my style in something simple, close and understandable without having to think too much or that is not complicated to see what is happening. Colourful and full of joy. But above all, full of textures. Fantastic but realistic at the same time. What I like most in the world is the large format, that's right. I love making posters, drawing streets, people interacting, that is, the everyday.
But something I also like a lot is working for magazines. Putting an image to an article, making an eye-catching cover? Also children's editorial work, being able to think how a child would see it is a pleasure.
And something I'm offering my clients these days are animations, as long as the assignment allows for animation.

Some of the clients with whom I colaborated are:

Mercabañal / Ajuntament de València / Ajuntament de Torrent / World Design Capital Association / Las Naves / Pablo Gironés Office / Focuslink / Impresum / ABASEDEBÉ Communication agency / Revista El Malpensante / Revista Pantera / Periodismo de Barrio / Revista FERIDA / Revista Valencia Plaza / Edicions Bromera / Universitat de València / CEU UCH / ECAM Madrid / Museo ABC / Ediciones Hidroavión / Cervezas Alhambra y La Rambleta / Antiga Brewing & Co / Ajuntament de Xirivella /  Associació d’Arxivers i Gestors de Documents Valencians, among others...

You can follow my work on :

Instagram / Behance

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